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Greetings from John Chapman founder of All Pet Services Inc. & for close to 20 years ComfyCreatures has been the leader in pet care. I have been one of the owners & minds behind since 2002!
…..and WOW! What a ride! Thank you for being part of our dream for over all these years!

I along with my wife Roberta Chapman grew Comfy Creatures into what it is today! Personally I have had many highlights, from having our company named best pet sitter by channel 4 in 2009 (when I was at the helm) to getting invited to a Stanley Cup party because my company cared for that years winning coaches dog!

Thank you!….

The bad part….
Several years ago after my wife’s passing I asked Dagmar Landsman to help me grow what was now solely my business into something new & different. I was moving into Pet First Aid training & more, Dagmar said she would help … the end…. today ….years later….Dagmar has failed to produce any Pet First Aid growth & failed to actually do anything to grow the pet care company beyond minimal duties.

While Dagmar didn’t help many beyond herself these past few years (it’s called embezzlement) & I am sorely hurt & disappointed because of her failure to help expand my businesses. It is now with determination that I go forward into a new era of pet sitting….the pet sitting app.

Interestingly enough I have been doing this so long I happen to own & I happen to own 1 888 2PETSIT the phone number & I happen to have another pet sitter friend who knows software & we are launching a new company 2PetSit. Imagine you just open the app & a pet sitter is on the way…. in 2 hours or less. We also plan to have the lowest fees in the industry to make it fair for all.

Now here is the rub, I have officially disassociated with Dagmar Landsman after learning some things about her. She refuses to hand over client keys & has changed passwords on my email & business accounts. I have asked for my company assets back & she has still not handed things back to me in a peaceful manner & so I will be starting legal proceedings as of 5/14/2019. I have a attorney though I fear confusion from clients so please be assured I am working as fast as I can to contain the situation. If you would like your keys back from Dagmar please contact her asap or file report with your local police department as I have done asking that your keys be returned by Dagmar Landsmann. I am happy to announce though that all is not lost, we are moving forward with a new website & app 2PetSit ASAP to help the world find great pet sitting 🙂 We expect our website to be offline for a little while, though as soon as we have a app out of testing we will be contacting current clients & helping them transition to our new service….on demand pet care in 2 hours or less

PS: We are accepting angel investors at the $5000.00 & higher level with guaranteed special stock at launch for each angel investors gift & special pre stock offers….We aim to be the number one pet care app in the world.

All questions can be directed to
John Chapman President All Pet Services Inc.
6835 Roby Waterford MI 48327

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